can music became public art?

can we use sounds to build psychological architectures able to dialogue, shape and give alternative interpretations of our natural/urban/social landscapes?

welcome to my research about sound muralism.

As a drummer, I’ve toured throughout Italy and Germany with various projects.

In 2018 I’ve started to work in the Urban and Contemporary Art scene, crossing my drums with Ableton and electronics, starting to develop the concept of “sound murals”, which can be described as site-specific soundscapes for public spaces, that anyone can experience through his own smartphone/device.

In June 2019, I’ve played one of my sound performances during the opening of “Merci”, the last installation by Spanish artist Gonzalo Borondo at Temple des Chartrons in Bordeaux, France.

In september I’ve started to work with Edoardo Tresoldi by creating the music for the teaser of “Simbiosi”, Tresoldi’s installation for the Arte Sella sculpture park in Italy and, in november of the same year, I’ve created an experimental sonorization for Tresoldi’s “Gharfa”, in Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia.